Cleansers / Toners / Scrubs

    A gentle cleansing milk for dry, mature and sensitive skin types. No allergies.
  • GEL CLEANSER (200ml R130)
    Soft foaming cleanser for oily and combination skin types.
  • TONER (200ml R150)
    Suitable for all skin types. Refines texture of the skin. Contains Rooibos, Camomile, Geranium and Lavender. Excellent for sunburned skin and any skin irritations.
  • FACIAL SCRUB (75ml R125)
    Removes dead skin cells and oiliness from the skin, gives the skin a more radiant appearance, increases the penetration abilities of the skin, making wrinkles and lines appear softer. For all skin types.
    For dehydrated, dry and mature skin types. Non-drying creamy mask that hydrates, freshens and improves hydro loss of the skin. It also infuses active ingredients to the skin that softens and calms the skin.
  • CLAY MASK (75ml R125)
    Deep purifying mask to get rid of black heads and impurities.


    For normal and combination.
    Can be used as a day cream, for dry and mature skin.
    For dry and mature skin
    Contains Pomegranate
    Highly nourishing and moisturising properties
    Baobab oil to improve the elasticity of skin cells
    Avocado oil to moisturise and strengthen mature skin
    Rose Hip oil to speed up tissue regeneration
    Reduce age spots
    Improve skin hydration
    Anti-ageing properties
    Use a a day or night cream
    Can be used as a night cream. For extra dry and mature skin.
    For extra dry skin
    Contains Shea butter
    Vit-E oil
    To nourish the skin
    Improve skin hydration
    Contains pomegranate oil
    Anti-ageing properties
    Use as a night of day cream
    Contains Shea butter to repair and renew skin cells , Pomegranate oil to improve elasticity of the skin and Wheat germ oil, which is a great source of VIT-E. Visible results.

Anti-aging Care

    Contains Vitamin E, Juvinity and Hyaloronic Acid. Protects the skin against UV damage, slow signs of aging. Smoothe wrinkles. Helps for even skin tone. Visibly reduces signs of aging. Adds moisture to the skin. Prevents the development of wrinkles. Fills in present wrinkles to reduce their signs.
    Contains Retinol, Q10, Vit E, Almond oil and Rose-hip oil. Dramatically improves signs of ageing, Extremely good anti ager, Stimulate production of elastine and collagen. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, energise the production of skin cells, boost hydration, regulate oily skin, and repairs the skin.

Body Care

  • Country Garden salt crystals (450ml R85)
    This healing salts will improves the way you feel, ease away tension, improves circulation, ideal for aching legs and feet, detox the skin by opens up the pores, helps for eczema, keeps the skin smooth and supple and will draw oil and dirt from the skin.

    This blend of pure essential oils and pomegranate will prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

    The prophetic meaning of salt is to purify.

    Country Garden salt crystals – Ideal for dry skin, excellent for eczema, settle the ph. level of the skin, clear inflammation, soften the skin , relax and calms the mood, soothing sunburned skin.

    Botanical Leave salt crystals – Softening the skin, sooth muscles, anti-septic, relieve muscle pain, tension and joint pain. Enjoy the benefits of all the healing leaves.

  • Geranium Relaxing Love Soak (450ml R160)

    Enjoy a blend of real Geranium, Rose and Lavender petals with essential oils. Love soak have anti-depressant and uplifting properties with a harmonizing effect to relax the body, mind and soul.

    It helps with female energy and has active ingredients against Candida.

    Love soak is a symbol of romance and pleasure. Geranium is the care taking ingredient; Lavender helps for sleeplessness and is the mother of nature while Rose represents beauty and the covenant of love.

  • Detoxing Botanical Leaf Body Scrub (450ml R155)
    The healing leaves and essential oils are medicine to the skin for blood circulation, lymphatic stimulation and diuretic. Cellulite doesn’t like this one. Leaves are a promise of healing in a physical, emotional or spiritual way.
  • Pampering Country Garden Body scrub (450ml R155)
  • Botanical Leaf Body Butter Souffle (250ml R160)
  • Country Garden Body Butter Souffle (250ml R160)

    Enjoy the royalty of pure Biblical oils blended with essential oils to establish a rich and creamy body butter soufflé.

    This creamy body butter is highly nutritious, prevents dehydration, is easily absorbed by the skin to soft, to nourish and to soothe.

    This luxurious butter has anti-aging and healing properties and because of the high anti-oxidant levels it will helps to detox the skin from pollution.

    ME-EM’s creamy butter will stimulate cell growth, improves elasticity and treats extremely dry skin. This is the most wanted deep skin moisturizer with great sources of VIT E.

    Body butter represents the caring nature of our Heavenly Father, while fragrance is the symbol of an acceptable offer.

Bath Range

  • Rosemary balancing Shampoo (300ml R120)
    For all hair types to stimulate hair growth and treat scalp diseases like dandruff and hair lice.
  • Rosemary balancing Conditioner (300ml R130)
    For all hair types to stimulate hair growth and treat scalp diseases like dandruff and hair lice.
  • Rosemary silky body wash (300ml R120)
    Natural liquid soap with mild foam properties and active cleansers for all skin types.
  • Rosemary silky body lotion (300ml R140)
    Will sooth and treat the skin with sources of VIT. E for ultimate moisturizing without leaving the skin oily and sticky afterwards.
  • Refreshing linen and room mist (300ml R105)
    Your in-house-garden…sprays on linen or in the room while this delicate fragrance surrounds you with freshness.

Bath / Massage Oil

  • Relaxing lavender / mint (200ml R160)
  • Mom 2 be (200ml R160)
  • Detoxing Cypress / Lemon Verbena (200ml R160)

Enjoy this blend of pure Biblical oils as a massage and/or bath oil. The texture of this oil is ideal to use as a massage medium. It is easily absorbed into the deep tissue of the skin to moisturize, to sooth and to nourish.

This oil is rich in VIT E and prevents dehydration, improves elasticity and is extremely nutritious. Oil is always a symbol of provision an anointing. Oil represents the works of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy feeling unwind, uplifted and relaxed after a busy day with a wonderfully soft and pampered skin.

GERANIUM/ROSE– For the always feeling tired and emotional client. Ideal for dry skin, for sensitive skin types, and Candida. Geranium is called: “The Lord’s Perfume”. This natural anti-depressant has a stimulating effect of the nervous system and helps for anxiety and will uplift the mood, calms the mind and relaxes the body.

LAVENDER/MINT– This product is everybody’s favorite. For the stressed up, tired, painful muscles that needs total healing and relaxation. This nourishing, anti-spasmodic and moisturizing oil will make you feel calm and refreshed.

CYPRESS / LEMON VERBENA / ROSEMARY – To improves blood circulation and to detox he skin. Refreshes the body and mind while uplifting the spirit and promote stress control. Helps with digestive problems and is a boost to liver sensitive’s and helps for PMS and painful menstrual imbalances. It can also be used as an insect repellant.


  • Hadassah Eau de perfume for women (50ml R370)

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