• Eucalyptus and Lavender Gel Cleanser 200ml

    R130.00 Add to cart

    ● Purifies
    ● Disinfects
    ● Clean – normal to oily skin

  • Deep Cleansing Clay Mask 75ml

    R125.00 Add to cart

    ● For dehydrated, dry/mature skin types.
    ● Non-drying creamy mask that hydrates,
    ● Improves hydro loss of the skin.
    ● Softens and calms the skin.

  • Neck Treatment Cream 50ml

    R150.00 Add to cart

    ● Contains Shea butter
    ● Repair and renew skin cells
    ● Improves elasticity of the skin
    ● Great source of Vit-E
    ● Visible results THE BEST!

  • Super Enriched Moisture Treatment 50ml

    R200.00 Add to cart

    ● For extra dry skin
    ● Contains Shea butter
    ● Vit-E oil
    ● To nourish the skin
    ● Improve skin hydration
    ● Contains pomegranate oil
    ● Anti-ageing properties
    ● Use as a night of day cream

  • Enriched Moisture Treatment 50ml

    R180.00 Add to cart

    ● For dry and mature skin
    ● Contains Pomegranate
    ● Highly nourishing and moisturising properties
    ● Baobab oil to improve the elasticity of skin cells
    ● Avocado oil to moisturise and strengthen mature skin
    ● Rose Hip oil to speed up tissue regeneration
    ● Reduce age spots
    ● Improve skin hydration
    ● Anti-ageing properties
    ● Use a a day or night cream

  • Facial Scrub 75ml

    R125.00 Add to cart

    ● Removes dead skin cells
    ● Removes oiliness
    ● Radiant appearance
    ● Increases the penetration abilities of the skin
    ● For all skin types

  • Hydrating VitE Moisturising Mask 75ml

    R150.00 Add to cart

    ● For dehydrated skin
    ● Dry and mature skin types
    ● Non-drying creamy mask
    ● Hydrates the skin
    ● Reduces hydro loss
    ● Softens the skin

  • Almond Milk Cleanser 200ml

    R135.00 Add to cart

    ● Eye Make-up Remover
    ● A gentle cleansing milk
    ● For dry, mature and sensitive skin
    ● No allergies

  • Botanical Toner 200ml

    R150.00 Add to cart

    ● Suitable for all skin types
    ● Refines textures of the skin
    ● Excellent for sunburns and skin irritations
    ● Eczema, reduces skin redness
    ● Contains Rooibos, Camomile, Geranium and Lavender
    ● Ideal for sensitive skin

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